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Travel involves adventure. Travel involves exploration and immersion into the surrounding culture. Travel stirs the senses and excites our passions. But the most fulfilling travel involves making lasting memories and connections with others.

We believe that travel is more than a destination.

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Coterie. [ koh-tuh-ree ]. noun. an exclusive group

Coterie Travel designs one-of-a-kind, luxury experiences for families, friends, companions, and colleagues; experiences that will forge even stronger bonds and a lifetime of special memories through shared world exploration and adventures.

Let us help you plan a retreat from everyday life that will have you connecting with your travel companions in extraordinary ways.

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 How to Meet the Challenge of Choosing a Destination with Universal Appeal

We are passionate about guiding sophisticated travelers toward new and undiscovered paths.

About Us

About introducing you to experiences and destinations that are not readily discoverable even by those with honed research skills.

But perhaps most importantly, we are committed to designing journeys destined to draw you closer to your traveling companions. By curating travel that leaves an indelible mark on every person in your group… with memories of breathtaking vistas, thrilling adventures, culinary delights, and lots of laughter and fun.

Meet Shelley

"There are two questions that we have to ask ourselves. The first is ‘Where am I going?’ and the second is ‘Who will go with me?"

- Howard Thurman

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Exclusive Group Travel

Developing Relationships and Connecting Through Luxury Travel

Family Vacations

There’s no better way to build bonds as a family than to share special moments while exploring the world with your kids and grandkids.

Friends' Getaways

Sometimes all you need is to steal away with your friends for some laughter and a little adventure thrown in the mix.

Corporate Team Building

Head off conflicts and reconnect with your coworkers and employees after what feels like a lifetime of quarantines and lockdowns.

Student Group Travel

Show your students more of the world than the predictable tourist traps and provide unique experiences that will leave them with a lifetime of special memories.

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