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That's where I come in!

Entrust your travel dreams to a designer who has the same objective as you.

Bonding with your travel companions ~ whether they be family, friends, or work colleagues ~ comes naturally when every person in the group is delighted with the experience. But the road to making that happen can be fraught with stress and complications.

Every trip should be unique and tailored exclusively to you and the interests of each of your traveling companions.

No two people are the same…nor should your vacation look like any other.

We delve deep and deliver dazzling itineraries packed with first-class hotels, unique experiences, transportation logistics, and special VIP touches you won’t find in your online searches.

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is a Precious Commodity

How will you decide where to go on your next vacation?

How do you know that the destination or hotel you choose is absolutely the best fit for your entire group?

How will you plan so that every member of your party will enjoy the trip?

How will you get from one place to the next?

Where will you find the most current information about Covid protocols and vaccine requirements?

An entire unexplored world full of adventure and wonder awaits!

A wealth of information relating to travel is literally at your fingertips but relying on the Internet to plan your vacation can result in an overwhelming flood of conflicting information.

You can pore over travel websites and reviews for hours and still come away confused and frustrated. Too often, you may be tempted to do what’s tried and true.

Vacation Time

Relax ~ Let Us Do All the Work

As your personal travel advisor, we take the stress out of the planning and your only job is to sit back and enjoy the ride. We design personalized experiences custom made for you and your group, and we envision unforgettable moments that you may not have even considered.

When the unexpected arises, we are available each step of the way.

And best of all, our local connections the world over transform ordinary, run-of-the mill vacations into extraordinary adventures, often accompanied by special amenities and VIP upgrades.


Let’s get creative and plan a vacation you and your companions will never forget.

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Private Yachts and Villas

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let's talk about the perfect vacation for you and your group


Share Your Dream

We’ll start your journey by getting to know each other on a complimentary consultation call. We will have lots of questions ~ about you, your companions, and what your ideal vacation looks like. And in turn, we will share more details about the process and what you can expect along the way.

Step 1

our design process

Design Your Dream

If we decide we are a good fit, then we will agree on a design planning fee and off we’ll go! We will begin transforming your dreams into reality by collaborating with our travel partners the world over. We’ll work together to fine-tune your itinerary and when it’s just perfect, we will book your trip on your behalf.

Step 2

Live Your Dream

When the day that you’ve been awaiting finally arrives, you will have all the information you need to enjoy your adventure, with your complete itinerary in hand. If you encounter any glitches along the way, we will be available to set things straight.

Step 3

Plan Your Next Dream

When you return home, we will reach out so you can tell us all about your experience. We will want to hear all about your group’s adventures and where they want to go on their next great vacation!

Step 4


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire you to design my vacation?
Our design fee is $25.00 per person per day. We charge a nonrefundable fixed fee of $250.00 to book a cruise and that fee will be applied to the total cost of your cruise. If you choose to have us book a flight, an additional fee of $50.00 per person will apply.

Why do you charge a travel design fee?
Our design fee is in essence a VIP client retainer. Designing exclusive and unique travel experiences requires considerable time, resources, and specialized knowledge. To ensure a seamless vacation, we contact suppliers, coordinate transportation, and plan detailed itineraries with private tour guides and local experts. The design fee ensures that we are unconditionally committed to you and that we will put as much time and effort as needed into making your trip perfect from beginning to end.

Why should I hire you to design my vacation rather than book it myself through a discount website?
A travel designer isn’t necessary if you are satisfied with an ordinary, run-of-the-mill vacation with the masses. You should, however, retain our services if you desire to treat yourself and your companions to an exclusive experience customized entirely for you and your group.

Do you require a minimum budget?
Currently we will accept new clients with a minimum budget of $2,500 per person.

Is trip insurance required?
Trip insurance (including “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance) is strongly recommended, particularly in this day and time of unexpected cancellations and unforeseen medical exigencies. Should you choose not to purchase insurance, you will be asked to sign an agreement that you were offered travel insurance and declined coverage.

What is Virtuoso?
Virtuoso is a luxury travel consortia consisting of a luxury network of hotels, cruise lines, and tour operators that span more than 26 countries. Virtuoso travel advisors specialize in curating exclusive experiences that cannot be matched online. Virtuoso travelers receive VIP treatment ~ hotel upgrades and early check-in/late checkout (when available), special amenities (such as spa and shopping credits), and daily breakfast for two.


Let's talk about the perfect vacation for you and your group.

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