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- Saint Augustine

“The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

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I love to travel. I am awestruck by the beauty of God’s earth and I rarely return to the same place in my travels because of my insatiable desire to see and do it all.

I’m also a hotel snob. Gone are the days when just any hotel would do.

In essence, I discovered the joys of exceptional travel. Of luxuriating in the world’s best hotels and of friending local guides who will introduce me to little-known secrets of their fragment of the globe.

I want to introduce and share these same joys of travel with you.

My Story

The chapters of my book revolve in great part around my career as a lawyer, but when I turn the pages, the bits and pieces that make me smile and stir my soul are the memories I’ve made with friends and family traveling this vast, beautiful world.

Indeed, some of my earliest childhood memories are of traveling through the northeastern states in a white Volkswagen van, admiring the covered bridges of Vermont and swimming in the cold waters of Moosehead Lake with my brothers.

As the years passed, the memories of fabulous trips across the states and into interior Mexico accumulated until I found myself working at American Airlines in their International Personnel department. I thought I had finally discovered the gateway to my dreams of jet-setting from one exotic locale to another!

Those plans were quickly derailed when my boss suggested law school and on a whim, off I went on my next adventure. For the next couple of decades, my life included mere snippets of time with good friends sailing to tropical islands, visiting quaint villages across the pond with my extended family, and exploring the far reaches of the United States with my husband and kids. But even during the years when travel time was short, my greatest pleasure was found in researching and planning vacations in meticulous detail and seeing those well-laid plans materialize into something extra special.



I want to share what I’ve learned over the years with you. 

I blend what I’ve learned about luxury travel with the skills I developed in my legal career to take your vacation experience from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Attention to Detail

Original, Creative Ideas and Solutions

Tenacious to a Fault

Unparalleled Research Skills

Dedicated 100% to My Clients and Their Goals/Concerns

Extraordinary Travel 

Let us help you craft the perfect getaway for your friends, family, and colleagues. A vacation that is more than just a destination. Travel that moves you... that excites you… that leaves you wanting more.

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